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"If you all need help on a tune as I did for  Lincoln Brewster’s Miraculum or anything for your church worship playing or ANYTHING guitar-wise, Joey’s DA DUDE! He taught an old dog new licks and I am forever grateful! And I purchased his Helix patch for the said tune and it is SPOT ON!


Thanks, buddy!"

- David F.

A little about Joey:

   I've been playing guitar for the past 13 years and I've been posting youtube tutorials and teaching the guitar since 2013.

     I graduated from Judson University in 2015 with a focus in the music business and entrepreneurship. There I met my band, Mass Anthem, and have been touring with them ever since. As an entrepreneur by heart, starting an online business and marrying various aspects of the guitar is where I feel at home. Now a Nashville, TN native, my ambition is to help guitarists find their musical voice through these guitar lessons.

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