Breakthrough Miracle Power // Passion // Helix Patch

Breakthrough Miracle Power // Passion // Helix Patch

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We're starting off 2021 with an inspired patch of Passion's latest single, "Breakthrough Miracle Power." Download, plug in, and play with your worship team. Each snapshot is designated to the specific guitar arrangements of the song. Example: (Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Interludes, etc.) Use the snapshot mode for the best experience. 


Effects Blocks Included: 


2 Compressors

2 Distortions




2 Delays

Dual Amps


2 Reverbs


Preset Notes:  

Snapshot 1: Swells 

Snapshot 2: Verse 

Snapshot 3: Interlude Lead Part 

Snapshot 4: Chorus Lead

Snapshot 5: Bridge 

Snapshot 6: Rhythm Chords