Dual Wickham (Phil Wickham's Rig) - HX Stomp Patch

Dual Wickham (Phil Wickham's Rig) - HX Stomp Patch

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Phil Wickham's Rig - Acoustic and Rhythm Electric

Derived from the pedalboard of Phil Wickham himself. Hours of research went into dialing in the amp and effects to render tonal precision for his acoustic and electric setups. Worship Leaders who play acoustic AND rhythm electric, this is the patch for you. Download, plug in, and play with your worship team. 

The electric tone comes out of the main left and right while the acoustic tone comes out of the stereo send. Make sure the "Send/Return L" is set to "Line" and the "Send/Return R" is set to "Inst." in Global Settings. 


Snapshot 1: Acoustic path 
Snapshot 2: Electric path 
Snapshot 3: MUTE ALL (for changing guitars) 


Email: josephatansio@gmail.com

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