John Mayer // Mayer of Toneville POD Go (2) Patches

John Mayer // Mayer of Toneville POD Go (2) Patches

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Hours went into studying the very heart of John Mayer's tone. While a lot of his tone comes from his hands and guitars, the pedals, mics, and amps still play a crucial part in his dynamic sound. The patches are packed with 7 snapshots of his pedal combinations. If you're wanting to sound like John Mayer, this patch will get the job done. This patch mimics his signature amp he uses on the road. Best used with a strat or a guitar with a single coil middle pickup. 



Patch 1

Snapshot: 1 Clean

Snapshot: 2 Tremolo/Reverb

Snapshot: 3 Gravity (Neck/Middle Pickup)

Snapshot: 4 New Light Guitar Solo (Neck Pickup)


Patch 2

Snapshot: 1 Dirty 

Snapshot: 2 Big Solo

Snapshot: 3 Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Neck/Middle Pickup)