Swells // Helix Patch

Swells // Helix Patch

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Welcome to the ambient swells preset using the Vox AC Fawn amp paired with the Vox AC15 amp. This is an experimental patch packed with diverse swell sounds. Use this preset for any situation that could use a little "moistness."



Snapshot 1: Swell Normal   

Snapshot 2: Tremolo Swell

Snapshot 3: Ice Desert Swell

Snapshot 4: Harmonic Swell

Snapshot 5: Angry Swell

Snapshot 6: Dead Whale Swell

Snapshot 7: What Did It Cost? 


Total effects blocks included:

3 Compressors 

4 Delays 

1 Filter

2 Modulations

Volume pedal

AC Fawn 30 and AC15 Dual amps 

2 EQ's 

2 Reverbs